classy handmade, personally handcrafted, wooden pens

Saint Thomas Pens

Click on the image above to go to the SAINT THOMAS PENS website. All updated and available pens are up on that site

Saint Thomas Pens are a piece of art, individually made by hand! They are made NOT ONLY for function, but almost more for INSPIRATION. When you see this pen, it is my hope that it inspires you to pick it up and be creative! They are made to create so much greatness, but they are also just meant to be used! So if you get inspired to jot down a kick-ass grocery list, then, VOILA, this pen will do that for you! Sign a wedding registry? Yup, that too, AND while in style!

Here are a couple of the items you’ll find on the site. Click here to look at beautiful, shmancy pens!

Each Saint Thomas Pen is individually made by hand, my hand, Shaun Huberts, in my grandpa’s old workshop located in North Vancouver, BC Canada. I hand pick the woods and put them together myself while hoping to get something unique, while still uniform, in each and every pen.

to see more of the finished pens and where to get them, go to here,