Dominion Cider Co is a wonderful Cidery in Summerland BC. They make some pretty amazing handcrafted cider, and I had the pleasure of spending a couple days up there with them while they taught me the ropes of how it’s all done… but when I got tired from working the odd machine or two, I was able to jump behind the camera while they kept working. Good deal for me, not as much for them ;P

Here’s a little montage of a Behind The Scenes look at the making of Cider.

Oh I forgot to mention, this video will make you thirsty AND it’s worth seeking out your own bottle of Dominion so you can sip it while watching this. I’m pretty sure that qualifies this video into a 4D video if you do that. I Triple-Dog-Dare ya.

Bonus shots of the location as well as a few product shots are shown below: