Boyscout Creative Promo

For a while now I’ve wanted to work on a quick little promo piece for my company that would envelope the vibe and feel of what I do… so one afternoon as I was setting a few things (for a completely separate shoot) I was inspired by my surrounding, my workshop slash office, and thought I’d spend the next little while doing something for myself! The idea was simple, show my surroundings, show my inspiration, and then of course my logo.

The surroundings, as I mentioned earlier is my office and workshop and most of what I do is shot in and around there if possible. I continually add new pieces of this and that (most of which I find from my grandpa’s crazy-cluttered real workshop next door) as I see fit. And of course when I say “new pieces” I mean mainly really old doodads, covered in dust…

My inspirations come from all over, including some of the old pieces I collect and add to my office but bigger than them is my love for classic animation. I spend much of my childhood watching both Looney Toons and The Adventures of Tintin, (both with such great orchestral music woven so perfectly into I might add being that I’m a musician). I’ve also been obsessed with Pixar and their work, which is now pretty obvious to you given that I used an¬†anthropomorphic lamp as my main character. Have a closer look on the shelves and see if you can catch all my other animated inspiration, hint: Claymation heroes.

The logo was done by my good friend Gordie Cochran of Fabric and we spoke about keeping the design classic and simple, yet still allowing for a slight ode to boyscouts, hence the banner and color scheme. For more on why Boyscout Creative, click here.

Hope you enjoyed it!


here is the video one more time for you in case you missed it…

Boyscout Creative intro from Shaun Huberts on Vimeo.