Boyscout Creative is a company that strives to make work into play. A company that cares about the end product and very well expects to smile while looking back at each and every piece of work they’ve done, no matter how many times through they’ve seen it.



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The name Boyscout Creative comes from 3 very specific influences on the self-proclaimed Chief Nerd, Shaun Huberts’ early upbringings:


1. His Grandpa, Leslie Lewis Ellis. The man whom Shaun not only looks like now (and definitely will more and more, sooner than he may want to…) but the most creative man he’s ever known. His old workshop is now Shaun’s favorite playground. Grandpa, the king of making art.


2. His Father, Tjipke. Nicknamed ‘the boyscout’ while in politics, Tjipke is extremely resourceful, teaching Shaun not only to be resourceful himself, but also to work hard at each and everything he does. We also call him the boyscout in the family because he has every imaginable gadget hooked onto his belt at any given time… “Always be prepared!” he still says in defense. Tjipke, the king of “make it work”


3. His love for Tintin (and his creator, Herge). Herge was a big fan of the boyscouts, and because of this love and fascination with them he created his most famous character in their liking; the young, resourceful and adventurous, Tintin. Along with Bugs Bunny and Roadrunner, Tintin was what really sparked started Shaun’s love for animation.